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Commonly asked Questions

What are HOME School of Cooking's protocols regarding COVID-19?


Our Chefs are Temperature Checked daily to ensure your and our safety.  Masks and gloves will be worn by our Chefs throughout the cooking process. Please inquire with any concerns that you may have before booking your event.


What areas does HOME School of Cooking service?

We currently are able to service most areas in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Northern Illinois,  and Southern Wisconsin.   Contact us to see if we are able to come to your HOME kitchen.

What do I need to take care of as the Host of an HSC class?

Seating for all of your Guests

Plates, Silverware, Napkins, Table Settings

Beverages and Glassware– whatever you like, your HSC Chef will be happy to make wine recommendations in advance for you.

The use of your range, oven, and limited refrigerator space.

What does HOME School of Cooking provide for my event?


All cooking equipment and tools needed to complete the menu

All of the ingredients needed for the chosen menu

All platters and serving ware needed, unless the host chooses to use their own

Knives and cutting boards

Towels and Aprons for guests

Cleaning of all equipment, ranges, counters.  Plates will be washed by hand or loaded into the Host's dishwasher

Kitchen floor will be swept as needed

Trash will be removed

The expertise and fun to have a fantastic event!

Is there anything else that HOME School of Cooking does not supply?

HSC does not supply alcoholic or any other beverages

HSC does not provide glassware

HSC does not provide cleaning for any of the Host's napkins or linens.

What is the typical Timeline for an HSC class/event?

Your HSC Chef will arrive 2-2 1/2 hours before your Guests are to arrive.  Your Class will generally last 3 hours.  The first 30 minutes will be some social time for your Guests and have a chance to enjoy the items that your Chef made for you.  Once the cooking commences, it will take 1 1/2 hours on average to complete the menus.  While dinner is served and enjoyed, the Chef will clean up, pack up any extra food for the Host, and leave you and your guests to enjoy the rest of your evening.

An example time line would be:

4pm - Chef arrives, unpacks equipment and ingredients and sets up the Kitchen for class

6pm - Guests arrive.  Enjoy the Chef-prepared item and Host-selected beverages

6:30pm - Chef will give a brief introduction and outline how class will proceed.  Guests and Host will cook the chosen menu.

8pm - Dinner will be served.  Chef will bus plates and serve dessert.  Kitchen will be cleaned.

9-9:30pm - Chef will close the event, pack up and head out.

9:30 - ?? You and your Guests continue to enjoy your evening!

How much does it cost? Is there a Minimum Charge?

Menus are priced on a per person basis. Check out the In-HOME classes for more information on Menu pricing. There is a $750.00 minimum charge for most events.  50% of which is due upon booking, the final 50% will be due upon the conclusion of your event.

Can I tip my Chef?

Gratuities are never required or expected, but will be graciously accepted.

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