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We are HOME School of Cooking

At HOME School of cooking, we bring top notch cooking class experiences to you, right in your home.   What better place to learn about cooking then your own kitchen?
Mario Scordato, Chef of HOME School of Cooking has been in the culinary and hospitality industry for nearly 20 years.  After instructing at Chicago's premier recreational cooking school for more then 10 years, he decided to bring that knowledge and experience to your HOME.

How does it work?

First, you choose a Menu, Date, Time, and Number of Guests up to 12.


The day of your event, your Chef will arrive 2-2 ½ hours before your Guests are scheduled to arrive and will begin to set up for your class.


When all of your guests have arrived, the first 30 minutes or so of your class you will have some time to socialize, have a beverage and a bite to eat, which your Chef has prepared for you.


Once the cooking begins, most menus will take around 2 hours to complete.  All of the amazing food that you created will be plated and served family style for you and your guests to enjoy!


In the meantime, your Chef will clean all of the equipment, range, countertops, etc., so that your kitchen is left the way it was found.  All of the plates and silverware will be washed, as well as any left over food will be boxed for you and left in the appropriate places (e.g. refrigerator/freezer)

Your HSC Chef will pack-up and head out for the night leaving you and your guests to continue enjoying your beverages and each other's company.

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